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Monday, June 02, 2008


Oh man.. S'pore vs Uzbekistan 7-3 can...

This will be remembered for a long time to come..

Well.. The crowd was slightly larger than the Lebanon one. Singaporean antics were the same.. and fun. :) My voice is hoarse now..

At least S'pore attacked and got 3 past the Uzbeks. Saudi got none. But there goes goal difference.

And wasn't there one more goal in the first half from a free kick! What the heck.. I saw the ball go in the net and we were celebrating like crazy.

I just discovered the foul play involved in soccer first hand.. Both sides had their fair share of bullshitting..

Probably my last match live at the old National Stadium ever. Going to miss the Saudi one coz there's commissioning parade.

Nevertheless.. I'm still behind the Lions. If I (Singaporeans) don't support them, who will?

Good effort guys. :)

a ranting by Eugene at 10:17 PM

Monday, May 19, 2008


Crap.. I can't believe my blog is still working.. Haha. My last post was almost a year ago.


Seated in the Victoria Concert Hall with band members I had played with for a year or two; looking at the four walls where beautiful sounds were about to resonate upon, my right leg began to tremble and my heart started racing.

Hey.. Wait a minute. Why in the world was i feeling nervous?! I'm not the one performing! I'm a member of the audience.

But the fact remained that I was truly nervous. Perhaps it's because i've been there. I know what it feels like to wait in anticipation for the first note of the concert to start. Will that be our perfect chord that we rehearsed so hard for?

I was speaking to Janice on the train back home. "Our babies were sitting on our seats" was how she affectionately described the above situation. SAJC Band 07/08, you have done the alumni proud.

Sure, there were the sqeaks, squawks and stammers. But this is what drew me to SAJC band 4 years ago and what the band has always been about- A showcase of Band Culture. This band is different. It can have imperfections in the music but still impress because it brings a culture to the audience. A culture of musical excellence, brotherhood (and sisterhood), creative genius, tradition, ups and downs and the list goes on..

Even though I haven't sang the college song for eons and probably forgot most of the 2nd and 3rd verses yesterday, I still hollered myself hoarse (Up and On!). Perfect choice of encore piece.

You guys will be graduating with pride from the SAJC Concert Band. :)

The alumni probably saw many things last night that we have done before. While playing the game of "EH COPY!!!" that I'm sure a great number of us were playing last night, aren't you comforted and beaming with pride to know that a piece of us still remains in the band we hold so dearly to our hearts. Our legacy lives on!

What I was especially proud of yesterday were 3 youngsters whom I've been walking closely with since they were 13. They entered Secondary School looking a little lost, joined the band and started farting around with old instruments.

Now they're directing/acting/conducting/playing in musicals.

What an achievement Farah, Rui Qi and Benny! :) (Although Benny could be more humble about it :P)

Also.. Shi Lin! Thank you for taking care of the double reeds these few months. I'm really grateful to have juniors like Jia Hao, Elissa, Alison and you.

Many a bewildered/embarrassed friend asked me last night, "Why in the world are you wearing THAT (Maroon Saints shirt)?!"

"Patriotism", I replied.

And I meant it.

(Please pardon my poor vocabulary. The closest word I could think of was patriotism)

I'm a fashion disaster. Just ask the countless people who have tried to make me over. :) (High 5 Momo) I choose comfort over class, sentimentality over suaveness. Why do you think I pulled the maroon saints tee out of my wardrobe instead of something that would make me look a tinge less uglier? Haha.

I have beautiful memories donning that top. I salsa-ed in it, cheered in it, chilled in it, mugged in it, rehearsed in it, visited juniors in it. My shit moments were also spent in that top. That maroon saints tee tells my story to all whom i've shared many a special moment with.

I would never exchange my old maroon saints tee for the best looking piece of fabric in the world!

SAJC Concert Band 07/08, thank you for adding another evening of special moments to the plethora of beautiful memories already stored up in my old maroon saints tee. :)

"Many are the plans in a man's heart, but it is the LORD's purpose that prevails." -Proverbs 19:21

Once a Saint, Always a Saint.

Happy Birthday Momo!!

a ranting by Eugene at 9:03 PM

Saturday, July 14, 2007

Driver's licence!

If everything goes well, by the end of next week it'll be in my wallet.

7.4m of metal

Take a peek at my new vehicle

The Singapore one is upgraded and called the SM1.

Passed the tankee test. Phew. Quite fun. :)

So I started army life with the trustee 5.56mm M-16 and moved on to the newer SAR-21. Now, I have a 75mm.
The famous Spidey quote really comes into the picture now. "With great power comes great responsibility". Literally. Anyway we're all being trained like crazy now to become more responsible. Got one turn out, another mini one, 2 fire drills, a lot of running and push ups already.
Oh! There was Happy Hour yesterday. I was looking forward to Happy Hour but not the drinking.. Started off quite well witth dinner and some games. It's not everyday you get to see your Sergeant Major and another Warrant Officer holding a ping pong ball up with their foreheads. :) After the fun came the bad part though.. Drinking.
Well everyone had to have at least a mug but I had 2 coz 2LT Norman volunteered the Tankees for a 2nd mug. I felt quite light after that despite a bloated stomach. Had a bit of psychomotor problems and the worst headache of my life ensued. Yes, I am not a drinker. Save me from the next 3 Happy Hours!
Fortunately, after rolling on the bed enduring the headache and a mini turn out later I woke up normal in the morning. Non-drinking rocks!! People, do not drink man.. and definitely not drive after that. Some of the guys couldn't walk straight. My friend was laughing like an idiot after 3 mugs.. it was an uncontrollable thing. Haha.
! ok got to go meet Edmund and Tim now.
One shot, One kill.

a ranting by Eugene at 5:36 PM

Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Home Sweet Home

I'm back! Literally. Returned to S'pore this morning at 2am from my holiday in Brunei. :) Well.. Brunei was a good experience. Something everyone should go for ONCE in your lifetime. And I repeat, ONCE only. :)

Oh.. a little update. I've been posted to Armour. :) Sungei Gedong camp. By thurs evening we'll know who the tankies are. Pray pray pray. In Brunei we all got to witness which formation was the strictest and woohoo, guess which lucky guy like me got into the siong-est formation. :) Haha. There's another Eugene Lim in armour too, but he's Eugene Lim Guo Shun vs Eugene Lim Wei Quan. Anyway, my combat engineer friends (who are supposed to be the craziest vocation) were grateful they were not in armour. My beret and bar are going to be hard earned. 20 more weeks before I hope to see my TANGO! friends back in OCS.

Back to Brunei. :) Actually, the jungles of Brunei are not so bad. Marsiling jungles have more creepy crawlies and Tekong is much hotter than Brunei. The only thing about the jungles in Temburong district are that they go on and on and on.. and on.. and.. you get the picture. Also.. they go UP and DOWN and UP and DOWN, seriously UP and DOWN. We also climbed this mountain called Mt. Biang. Let's just say that we were on all fours going up an 80 degree slope in full battle order.

BUT! (there's always a but, right Farah? :))

Although we were all DYING, there was always harbouring to look forward to. Harbouring would be when we set up campsite, hammock, build a campfire etc. WOOH!!! Harbouring=Backpacking in Europe. It was really fun. Up the mountain with the cool fresh air, nature, lying in your hammock, looking up at the stars and savouring the warmth of your fire. Heaven on Earth. :)

Now, moving away from the physical world. Brunei really tests your chracter. There's always the dilemma of volunterring to carry the heavier load or to investigate the area ahead for a better path. When you are carrying a lighter load and are already dying, your body tells you to sit down and rest but your conscience tells you to go and help the guy carrying the ^&&*^$#@! signal set. Honestly, I haven't really been one of those who rush to get the load. Personally, it gets quite disappointing whenever I fail to volunteer. Really hope to overcome this..

Spiritually, Brunei also gives a whole new perspective.

When you get to witness creation in its untouched form-endless jungles, night sky, breathtaking scenary, the sunset and sunrise, you stand in awe.

When you are super shagged but you need to trudge on, you remember that even the youths grow tired and the young man utterly falls; but those who wait on the Lord will renew their strength, they will run and not be weary, they will walk and not be faint.

When you get to rest, you thank God whether it is a 5 min break or habouring for the night.

When you think of home, you thank God for Singapore and that you are a Singaporean with a nice bed waiting for you to return to.

When you lie down on your double decker bed in the Brunei camp, you remember your wonderful friends back in Singapore or the US (haha) who you shared such wonderful times with back in your schooling days. You also remember to pray for them wherever they may be or whatever situation they face coz you know the same God who is walking every step of the way with you in Brunei is also by their side.

When you think of your family, you can cry because God has put you in Brunei to make it so evident to you that your family has really been the strong pillar of your whole being. In brunei, you count down to your mother's birthday but feel a little sucky coz you cannot physically be there to celebrate her birthday with her. That leads you to call home and just to hear your parents' voices, wishing your mother a Happy Birthday is enough. So cherish your family man.. I've never missed my family so much in my life.

Many an army man has told me the jungles of Brunei is a godforsaken place. Forsaken, I cannot agree more, but by man, not God. To be the first team to complete the compass course, to spend an evening reminiscing about Tango! with all your Tango buddies, to have a nice bath at the end of the day, to have a friend whom you've known since secondary school to watch over you in a foreign land and all the blessings above-God has to be there. :)

Now, nearing the end of my post. I'll give a little insight to my R&R (Rest and Recreation), more affectionately known as M&M (Mosque and Musuem). :) Our last day in Brunei saw us visiting a few Mosques and Musuems and eating a buffet lunch and dinner. Seriously when you've been starving in the jungle for 3 days and you get 2 consecutive buffets DO NOT try to get your money's worth. Just picture me not being able to sit down after eating. Haha. Bad food experience there.. although when you are eating it's SHIOK ah!! :)

You'll easily notice one thing in Brunei though. The Sultan is COFFERS-BRIMMING-WITH-ALL-THE-MONEY-IN-THE-WORLD-RICH. Even a bigger font and caps will not express the extent of his wealth proportionately. Every Sultan past and present has his own Mosque, Museum and PALACE. The palace's in-house service is managed by Hyatt.. The Sultan's also the Prime Minister, Defence Minister, Finance Minister and Islamic Minister etc.

For a country of 300,000+ people and tons of oil, little wonder that oil is cheaper than water there. Oil costs 50 cents a litre compared to $1 for a 500ml bottle of water. The low prices tempted me to get some for Farah and Rui Qi (see my friendster comments) but unfortunately the sad practice of terrorism limit the free transfer of many goods nowadays. :)

After a nice M&M session we finally boarded our Brunei International Airlines (not a bad airline) plane at Brunei International Airport. Amidst shouts of jubilation when airplane wheels made contact with Singapore soil, one grateful cadet gave thanks for..


a ranting by Eugene at 4:04 PM

Sunday, June 03, 2007


Oh yeah! Got off coz we were confined for saturday. Booking in on tues morn.

Well.. Results are finally out. I got offered NUS accountancy and SMU acc+econs. Accepted SMU one alr. Shawn Cho also got SMU acc and Edmund's going to apply for it next year. Ed accpeted NTU acc though coz he applied for SMU biz for some unknown reason instead of acc.

Went to meet up with 05S61 on Vesak day. Han Hui's going to Australia to study so it was a little farewell. Of the ppl who came Alfred was the shock of the day. He lost 23kg man!!! Haha! He's half his size now. Pro ah Eagle company. Anyone wants weight loss tips give him a call.. Sometimes the army works wonders.

Exercise spade is coming up.. AHHH!!! Here we go again. Oh!.. It's 2230 alr, I need to lights off myself though i'm at home.. Used to the timing alr.

Till next time..

a ranting by Eugene at 10:24 PM

Saturday, May 19, 2007

My Jungle Experience

WOOH! Just came back from field camp.. 2 days only lah so quite shiok. Our Wing Commander even bought ice cream for everyone. Tango rocks! :)

Anyway.. I just returned from the jungles around the zoo. It was quite fun carrying out patrols and ambushing ppl. We even ambushed an ambush force! :) They were totally owned!

I also had a once in a lifetime experience few would get the privelege of going through..

So there we were, sitting around in the vegetation/insects, rifles pointing to the track and ready to shoot the crap out of the enemy walking past. Being ever so vigilant I was even watching my left side for possible flanking manouveres. SUDDENLY! I heard a creaking sound above me. I wanted to dive for cover coz I thought the tree was going to collapse on me but I had my helmet on so whatever.. Haha. I looked at the guy to my right and he was violently pointing to the branch above me. I looked up and there I saw..

A !@#$%&! MONKEY!

Ok.. maybe it's not so surprising that there was a monkey there but guess what the monkey was doing..

A few streams of trickling water thingy was being excreted from our nice monkey friend.. And he pee-ed in my direction twice! Luckily his aiming a bit screwed up and I siamed a bit. I almost wanted to whack the guy and he growled/smiled back at me, giving me a taunting look that said "You try anything funny and i'll unleash monkey pee hell on you".

Oh yeah.. who gets to make friends with a monkey in that manner everyday? After I started to ignore the monkey he climbed to the next tree to disturb the next guy in my section.

Well, that was the highlight of my patrol field camp. :) Although you don't really feel that good when you're still participating in it.

Back to the civilised world.. Some of my platoon mates have got accpeted into medicine already! Good for them. :) My status is still "Application Processing".. Not sure of when i'll know the results. But whatever I get it's cool. :)

Oh.. medicine ppl will get to disrupt their NS after 6 months and go on to study for 5 years, serve 1 year housemanship, 1.5 years as a Medical Officer and a 5 year bond. That's a long long time..

If I get medicine I don't feel like disrupting though.. I want to go to ARMOUR! SWIFT AND DECISIVE! Wooh! :) Tank licence! Black beret! Tankie!

Life is so exciting. :)

(This is one of the moments I feel like saying it.. Haha. )


As Jeremy's MSN nick puts it:

A man's heart plans the way, but the LORD directs his steps.

a ranting by Eugene at 5:23 PM

Monday, April 30, 2007


ok.. I've been MIA for quite long. Just 6 weeks ago I left the motherland of tekong as a private. Next week there's section field camp back at the motherland and we're going in as Officer Cadets of Tango Wing. How time flies..

Well, the past few weeks have seen me running all over the place for interviews and assessments.. There were scary ones and some nice ppl too. Out of the stuff I applied for there's SMU accountancy and econs double degree that accepted me and NUS medicine is still pending. My scholarship applications didn't really go all the way.. I met Chan Tze Leong at the EDB 2nd round. Haha. He's quite a nice guy and I had lots of fun at there. Made some friends too. After that I went for the 3rd round and was KIVed for next year. Haha. But I know i'm slowly being led to the path where I will look back in the future and acknowledge the wonderous plans laid out every step of the way.

Oh.. right now i'm also working towards an IPPT gold, which more than 60% of my wing has already gotten.. Haha. Not a good position being in silver. 25 secs more to gold..

Went for SAJC Concert on Sat and it was super fun meeting up with everyone again. :) The batch spirit's still there and old friends have gone on to do many unbelivable things (ie. Szuzy who has gone jumping out of planes). Wooh! I'm so proud of him man. Jinyan's just as bitchy as ever, dorcas has shed her tortise shell but still very cute, Nich and reagan are on their way to building muscles, Bert just became botak, Momo's stuck in NDP, Jeremy's slacking in the air force, Angeline got caught for eating at S'pore Conference Hall.. and the list goes on. haha.

I'm really proud of Alison too. :) She did great for the concert.

And I wonder how Jojo's doing..

Well, today's bookout day and every bookout day is a happy day! Haha. Thank God for labour day and the wonderful food at OCS. Hope i'll grow through this experience to become a respected PC just as how I respect my BMT PC, Sir Feroz. :)

(If YOU out there want to contact me send me an e-mail or SMS. :) I can't use friendster in camp or tag on blogs, again.. we can get charged. Haha)

Have a wonderful holiday!

a ranting by Eugene at 8:49 PM


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